Respecting Our Parents

September 08, 2007

“Every one of you shall reverence his mother and his father…” – Leviticus 19:3

The Bible commands us to honor our parents. This command has three major phases: Phase 1 — Obeying when we are children and ending with Phase 3 — caring for our parents’ needs when they’re unable to care for themselves. Phase 2, the middle phase, is usually the longest. It’s that time when we become adult children and our parents can still meet their own needs. In this phase, we are called to respect our parents.

Respect doesn’t mean obedience. Parents of adult children need to remember this, just as adult children need to remember it. Respect means seeking their input when appropriate, yet doing what God wants you to do, most of all. Respect means showing them love and spending time with them.

To the parents of adult children, are you helping or hindering the opportunity for respect? You may be pushing your adult child away. Remember, respect breeds respect.

The middle phase of honoring our parents is the longest. Let’s make the most of it…both parent and child.