Real Faith And Rappelling

October 08, 2007

“The faith which you have, have as your own conviction before God.” – Romans 14:22

There are a lot of definitions of faith. What is real faith in God? Some would say it involves believing what the Bible says about God, but that’s just partial faith. You can believe everything the Bible says is true and not have real faith. So, how?

Well, last year my son took me rappelling. I don’t like open air heights, but he set the ropes, put me in the harness, said he’d hold the ropes from the ground, and I just needed to jump off a 70-foot cliff backwards and everything would be fine. Did I believe the ropes were strong enough to hold me? Yes. Did that mean I had real faith?

No. It wasn’t until I jumped and entrusted my life to the sureness of the ropes and the dependability of my son that I had faith. Now, that’s real faith.

We can believe everything in God’s Word is true, but until we completely entrust our life, and our hope for salvation, into the hands of Jesus Christ, it’s not real saving faith.

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