October 05, 2008

“Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

President Lyndon Johnson invited one of his aides, Bill Moyers, to a family dinner at the White House. Since Moyers was an ordained minister, the President called upon him to say grace before the meal. Moyers began his prayer, quietly asking the Lord’s blessing. Johnson, on the other end of the table, soon bellowed, “Speak up Bill! I can’t hear you.” To which Moyers replied, “I wasn’t speaking to you, Mr. President.”

Many of us have some trouble when it comes to praying, especially in public. We search for all the right words or we worry about touching on all the right points. Sometimes the process is so distorted that some people believe only an ordained preacher should even take a stab at it.

But think about this: what is the most mentioned command in the Bible? It’s to pray. In fact, God not only commands us to pray, He says to “pray without ceasing.” Now, would God tell us to constantly do something that was beyond our capabilities? Don’t worry about picking five dollar words, or using correct tenses in Old English, or producing deep theological truths. Just talk sincerely to your Lord and tell him what’s on your mind. It’s as simple as that. And relax. You are talking with your best Friend.