Parenting Teens

April 07, 2008

“Likewise, urge the young men to be sensible;” – Titus 2:6

Parenting preschoolers and children is physically and emotionally demanding, but nothing is more emotionally demanding than parenting teens. Peer pressure, their desire for freedom, and your desire to not let go too fast can cause all kinds of stress. A few thoughts:

If you’ve taught them to obey at six, there’s a better chance they’ll obey at sixteen.

If you take time to listen to them when they’re young, there’s a better chance they’ll listen to you as a teenager.

Don’t sweat the generational differences. Instead, ask these questions:

1. Is what they are doing unbiblical?
2. Have they defied me?
3. Will it bring them harm?

If the answer to any of those is “yes,” it’s time for discipline and instruction with a good dose of love.

Pray that they will desire to make decisions that are pleasing to God, for when they do, you’ll never have to worry about them pleasing you. This is more important than their happiness, for this is true joy.