Parenting Teens Isn’t Easy

July 15, 2007

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” – Luke 2:52

Mark Twain said, “When a child turns thirteen, put them in a barrel and feed them through a hole. When they get to be sixteen, plug up the hole.” That’s not a very positive view of parenting teens, but one that everyone can relate to. Parenting teens isn’t easy.

David Gelman writes, “Today’s teenagers face more adult-type stresses than their predecessors did, at a time when adults are much less available to help them.” So here are a few suggestions:

* Education is not the goal, wisdom is. Education helps, but teaching kids to sort out information is the key.

* Teach them how to take care of their bodies with a good diet and good exercise. And remember–safe sex isn’t safe, only abstinence is.

* Help them develop a relationship with God. Recognize that much of their development will come from the relationship with God they see in you.

* Teach them that there are moral absolutes based on Scripture. Teens need these guidelines.

* Help them make wise decisions about the company they keep. Positive peer pressure is a key.

* Pray. Teens, and parents of teens, need lots of prayer!