Nothing is Impossible

September 29, 2008

“For nothing is impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37

Jesus born of a virgin? Many sophisticated minds classify such claims as preposterous, right alongside other legends and myths. The virgin birth may seem like a tabloid headline: “Teenage Virgin Claims God is the Father.” A virgin birth does make a good story, but it is often impossible for a rational person to accept.

But think about what it means if you do accept the virgin birth. It means you believe that nothing is impossible with God. Right now, you may be facing some real trials and struggles in your life and see no possible way to deal with those issues. If you can believe in the virgin birth, you can easily come to the realization that nothing is impossible with God! There is no problem, there is no hardship; there is no difficulty that is too tough for God.

Realize that if you choose not to believe in the virgin birth you’re going to miss out on the true nature of Jesus Christ. Because if Jesus was not born of a virgin, the only conclusion you can draw is that he was just a man – a good man, but just a man. If you reject the virgin birth, you have chosen to believe in a mighty small God. But our God resurrected a man from the dead, so what’s the big deal about a virgin birth? Remember, nothing is impossible with God.