Meeting Death

September 13, 2009

“What man can live and not see death?” – Psalm 89:48

Peter Marshall used to tell the legend of the merchant of Baghdad who sent his servant to the market in the ancient Middle Eastern city. The servant returned, pale and trembling, and the merchant asked him what was wrong. The servant told him he bumped into someone, looked up, and saw Death in a dark hooded robe pointing at him. He asked the merchant, “Please let me borrow your horse so I can flee to Samara where he can’t find me.”

The merchant agreed. Later that day, the merchant went to the crowded market and saw Death standing to the side, and he asked, “Why did you frighten my servant?”

Death responded, “I was only shocked to see him in Baghdad, for tonight I have an appointment with him in Samara.”

We all have a rendezvous with death. For every life, there is death. The statistics on death are 100%. But the fear of death is removed by receiving the promise of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. With faith, we can concentrate on living this life to the fullest.
We all have a rendezvous with death. Are you ready?