Love God With All Your Heart

June 09, 2011

“Jesus answered, ‘The most important [commandment] is, Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your SOUL and with all your mind and with all your strength.'” – Mark 12:29-30

As I sometimes do, there are times when I feel led to run a devotion or series of devotions more than once. This series of devotions, for today and the three days following, is based on Mark 12:29-30, where Jesus tells us how to love God. Always relevant, it is even more so today. So read it again with fresh eyes if you’ve seen it before. If you haven’t read it, I pray you will be moved to take action today.

To love God with all your heart means to love God with all of your feelings, with all of your emotions and with all your passion. Now, passion is a very hot term in our contemporary culture. People ask, “What’s your passion?” What they’re asking you is what is it that really gets your juices flowing? It could be a certain ideology, social cause, or politics. Perhaps it’s a passion about the theatre, movies, or music. Or It could be making money, physical fitness, or watching college football. You can be passionate about a lot of things, but the number one passion of your life should be your relationship with God.

Think about your relationship with God this way. When you first came to Christ there was no problem in feeling passionate about God. You had a hunger for the word, to be in worship, and to tell others about Christ. You were excited about it and there was a very real passion there! But then as time went by and life presented its many challenges and opportunities, it became easy for other things to become a higher priority. And if we’re more passionate about anything else than our relationship with God, our priorities are simply out of whack. Jesus reminds us that when you give your heart to God, you want to maintain that passion and love Him with all your heart.