Letting Go As A Parent

August 16, 2007

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” – 3 John 1:4

There was an emotional moment my wife and I experienced with all of our boys. It happened when we walked each of them to the bus stop to begin first grade, and knew the first stage of parenting (the preschool years) was over.

Then, it happened again as each of our boys left home for college. Really, the whole parenting process is one of letting go. Let me make a few suggestions:

1. Do whatever you can to allow Mom to be at home fulltime with the children in the preschool years. I realize single parents don’t have this option, but if you can work it out–do it. This short-term sacrifice brings long-term results.
2. Love them always and let them know of your love for them.
3. Discipline them consistently, so that they’ll know there are consequences for stepping over the line.
4. Pray for them regularly, that they’ll make wise choices and that their influences are for good.

Letting go is not easy, but with God’s help and our love, our children can grow to be responsible adults.