May 15, 2010

“…for he was a faithful man and feared God more than many.” – Nehemiah 7:2

As you think of the future, I have a question. What do you plan to leave to your heirs? Stocks and bonds? Property? Investment-quality art? As important as planning for the future is, there is one fact that so many fail to recognize. You’re creating a legacy that will live beyond your death. Your character will continue to speak for good or evil after your life on earth has ended.

“Unquestionable character” is one of the greatest gifts we can leave our heirs. So many, by concentrating on amassing financial wealth, fail to help build honesty, responsibility, compassion, or love for God and their fellow man into the lives of their kids.

Character begins with your example – your life. It’s more “caught” than “taught,” but teaching is important, too. You can’t leave your heirs a greater gift than this.

Wouldn’t you like to know that your life will be remembered for more than money? What a legacy we leave our kids when they reflect on our lives and say, “My Mom and Dad kept God in the center of our family life and it showed. They are the finest people I’ve ever known.”