January 20, 2008

“But [a] fruit of the spirit is…kindness” – Galatians 5:22

Do you know one character trait that is always appreciated? Proverbs 19:22 tells us “What is desirable in a man is kindness.”

In the movie, The Fugitive, the character played by Harrison Ford performed several acts of kindness. The fugitive even risked his life to save the life of a boy who was being neglected in a busy emergency room. The cop, obsessed with chasing him, began to question whether this fugitive could have really killed his wife. You could just hear the cop thinking, “Cold-blooded killers don’t do nice things like this.”

Acts of kindness inspire us, whether it’s taking time to help an employee at the office, or defending a person being picked on by bullies. The recipients of these acts of kindness are always grateful.

The one person who comes to mind when I think of kindness is Jesus Christ. He shows us that God is kind. And because He is so kind to us, we are to be kind to one another.

Especially in a busy world where so many seem to be looking out for number one, acts of kindness are always appreciated.