March 08, 2019

“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”

John 14:9b

Secrets. We all know what it’s like when you see someone whispering to another person. There’s something inside all of us that really wants to know what they’re talking about – especially if we think it might be about us or someone we know!

Well, I have some interesting news for those of you interested in a secret that was kept for thousands of years! I imagine there were a lot of people who REALLY wanted to know what that secret was! Well, guess what? It’s a secret that God kept hidden until the perfect moment. And that moment was revealed in Scripture.  In Paul’s letter to the church in Colossae, he explains: “I want then to be strengthened and joined together with love and to have the full confidence that comes from understanding. I want them to know completely the secret truth that God has made known.” (THIS IS IT) “That truth is Christ Himself”(Colossians 2:2 ERV). Christ was the secret!

If you want to understand what God is like, look at Jesus. He is the visible image of the invisible God. Christ is the Creator behind all creation. He is our Savior, who has come to rescue us from a spiritual darkness and to give us peace with God. If you want to understand truth, look to Jesus. If you want to understand the answer to life, look to Jesus. God’s ultimate secret was revealed to you – Jesus Christ. Don’t you want to know more about Him?