Jesus Making Religious People Mad

April 05, 2009

“God said…I AM WHO I AM.” – Exodus 3:14

Jesus was constantly making religious people mad. What made them the angriest were His claims about Himself. He said, “I AM the bread of life,” and “I AM the light of this world,” meaning enlightenment. He said, “I AM the way,” meaning the way to God. He said, “I AM the truth.” “I AM the life,” meaning the key to eternal life. He said, “Before Abraham was, I AM.”

Now, these are definite claims to be God. These were outrageous statements and were the major reason that Jesus was executed. The religious people saw Him as a blasphemer, claiming to be God.

Whatever you do, don’t commit intellectual suicide by claiming you think Jesus was a good man, or prophet, or good teacher, but not God. Our only rational conclusion can be that He was an idiot, a megalomaniac who lied, or He is who He claimed to be. I believe He told the truth about Himself.

What do you believe?