He’s Not Through With You Yet!

June 27, 2012

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” – Luke 12:7a

“My name is Martha Bowers Taft,” a young girl confidently introduced herself to her new second grade classmates. “My great-grandfather was President of the United States. My grandfather was a United States Senator. My father is Ambassador to Ireland.” She then puffed out her chest and proudly declared, “And I am a Brownie!”

We all enjoy having status and most of us would like to use that status to enhance the work of the Lord. Unfortunately, many of us think we are not significant enough to be used by God for great things. We might say, “Oh, I’m only a janitor, or only a repairman, or only a housewife.” We think that if only we had a more prestigious title – such as doctor or professional athlete…or even Brownie…God could use us to do mighty things.

Perhaps the prophet Amos thought that way when God called him to serve. “After all,” he could have said, “I am only a shepherd. Who will listen to me?” But, instead of questioning his status, he obeyed and became a powerful voice for God.

Remember, with God there is no “I am only this or that,” when it comes to His children. You are SOMEBODY. No matter how you perceive yourself, God sees you as having potential for great service and as the old saying goes, “He’s not through with me yet!”