Heading to Jerusalem

June 07, 2009

“While Jesus was on the way to Jerusalem, He was passing between Samaria and Galilee.” – Luke 17:11

If you study the New Testament, I hope you’ll begin to note that time and again it talks about, “While Jesus is on the way to Jerusalem.” Don’t ever forget that. Christ came to teach. Christ came to preach. Christ came to heal. He came to perform miracles. But the main mission of Christ, always, was to head to Jerusalem. Why? Because at Jerusalem was the cross. Why? Because on the cross, He would pay the penalty for our sins. And why was that important? Because the main reason that Jesus Christ came is so He could be our Savior, so He could die in our place, so He could save us from sin and death and hell.

So all through His ministry, amidst all the great things He’s doing, there is one central focus: He is headed to Jerusalem. He is headed to the cross. This is why He came.