Happiness Equals Being Pure in Heart

July 12, 2014

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” – Matthew 5:8

What does ‘purity’ mean?  Purity is a single-minded devotion to God.  It’s the opposite of double-mindedness.  It’s the opposite of those in the church who straddle the fence, having one foot in the world and one foot in the church, never really giving their hearts completely to God. It’s the opposite of phoniness.  It’s the opposite of hypocrisy. Purity is being genuine.  It is a devoted loyalty.  It is a person without guile.  It is a person who has no ulterior motives.

Those qualities sound really good, don’t they?  But, purity is not something that is easily experienced in our life.  As a matter of fact, purity is down right unnatural because of our sinfulness. In Matthew 15:19-20, Jesus says, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications (that’s any kind of sexual immorality), thefts, false witness, slanders. These are the things which defile the man; but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile the man.”  To summarize, what He is saying, “Look. The real problem lies in our sinful hearts.  We are not naturally pure. It’s not something we achieve.  It comes with a cleansed heart. It is something we receive – through repentant faith in Jesus Christ.” The only way to be pure is to be cleansed of any impurity.  And the only way to stay clean and pure is by trusting Jesus with total devotion.

When we do, we see God.  Most religions have the desire to see God, to experience God.  But, most religions are about man trying to reach up to God.  Maybe it’s through different rituals of religion or through good works and morality.  Yet, Christianity is very different from all the religions of the world.  In Christianity, God has reached down to man through His ultimate revelation of Himself in Jesus Christ.  So when Christ died on the cross for our sins, He offers us the mercy of God—something we don’t deserve.  In fact, we receive forgiveness of sin.  With forgiveness comes cleansing, or purification, from God. When we confess and repent of our sin, cleansing comes. And every time we fall, then confess and repent, again and again and again, change comes.  You want to see God?  Trust Jesus to cleanse you and be fully devoted to following Jesus, no matter what!