God’s Spirit Speaks to All of Us!

February 28, 2012

“When He (the Holy Spirit) comes, He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment.” – John 16:8

Yesterday, we focused on how the Holy Spirit convicts Christians about their sins and the need to get right with God. But, what is most amazing to me is that the Holy Spirit convicts everyone, even those of you who are not believers. You may be a skeptic or even completely disinterested. Regardless, the Holy Spirit has led you to this devotion today. In our scripture reference, it states that He will convict the “world” of guilt and righteousness and judgment.” That means all of us, my friend.

You see, sometimes the Holy Spirit convicts non-believers when they hear of God’s love for them through Jesus Christ. Sometimes the Holy Spirit convicts non-believers of the need to surrender and give their heart and life to God. And when that occurs, it becomes the most crucial moment of decision making in your life. It is a decision to keep doing things your way or God’s way. The Holy Spirit convicts and draws you, but you must make the decision whether or not to give your life to God through the person of Jesus Christ. If you do that, then the Holy Spirit will come and dwell within you and give you this inner desire to obey the commands of God.

It all begins with the fact that God has first loved us through Jesus Christ. Christ is the reason we want to love Him back and obey His commands. This is what the Holy Spirit convicts us all to do.