God Hears All

June 01, 2008

“…do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath; but let your yes be yes, and your no, no…” – James 5:12

One of the common responses I often hear from someone I’ve just met and am about to play a tennis match or a golf game against is: “Oh, I’ve got to watch my language today.” Or in the course of the match, curse words will fly and he’ll say, “Pastor, I’m so sorry.”

My response is usually, “Don’t worry about me. God is the one you need to be concerned about. He hears everything.”

Usually the person will look at me with big eyes like, “I hadn’t thought about that.” And bless his heart, he sometimes becomes so unsettled trying to take all that in, that he gets off his game a bit.

God hears all, knows all, sees all, and is over all. Everything we’ve done or said is recorded in His book of our life. Yet He loves us anyway. He loves us so much that He sent His Son to pay the penalty for our sins so we can be forgiven. That includes every bad thing that we’ve said or done. Our choice is whether to accept His love and grace in faith!