Follow Me

February 27, 2008

“…If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” – Luke 9:23

When Jesus called His disciples, His first command before He told them their mission was, “Follow me.”

What does it mean to follow someone?

Imagine that you are in an unfamiliar place following a friend in your car. To get where you are going, you have to:

* Trust them to get you where you need to go.
* Submit to their leadership; otherwise you get lost.
* Keep your eyes on them; if you lose sight of them, you’ll get lost.
* Go at their pace, not get ahead or fall behind.

This is what is involved in following Jesus, too.

We have to trust Him to guide us where we need to go. We have to submit to His leadership–His will before our own. We have to stay focused on Him and go at His pace. If we do this, He’ll lead us to where we need to go. And here’s even more good news – in the process He’ll reveal to us our life purpose.