First Basic In Victorious Living

October 12, 2009

“…Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters.” – Isaiah 55:1

Great football teams focus on the basics of blocking and tackling, over and over and over. Victorious living focuses on the basics as well. The number one basic discipline for victorious living is regular time alone with God.

The prophet Isaiah says, “Ho, everyone who thirsts. Come to the waters.” Ho, meaning whoa or slow down. We tend to be like a bunch of racehorses, charging out of the starting gates, rushing into the day without a thought for God. Ho! Slow down and thirst for God. Charging out to make money doesn’t satisfy; it leaves your soul empty. God is the source of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Do you have a thirst for God? Ask for a thirst to know Him. Ask God to give you a desire and discipline to spend time with Him, talking and listening to Him through prayer and Bible study. This brings renewal and strength. Regular time alone with God is the first basic in victorious living.