Finding The Right Mate

February 11, 2008

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing…” – Proverbs 18:22

Everybody wants to make the right choice in choosing a mate. What a nightmare if we don’t. What a blessing if we do. If you are in a serious relationship, ask yourself these questions:

* Is this person my best friend? If not, you’re not ready.
* Do we share common faith and values? If not, you’ll have conflict and drift apart.
* Do family and friends affirm the relationship? Choosing a mate means choosing a family.
* Am I willing to make a lifetime commitment? Marriage is not for trying out. That’s a sure road to divorce.
* Do I want this person to be the parent of my children?
* Do I wake up to every day wanting to be with them versus convincing myself why I like them?

If you can say yes to each of these, you may have found the right one. If not, you may want to slow down or even call it off. But most of all, seek God’s will through prayer and be willing to follow His lead in one of life’s biggest decisions.