Evidence for the Resurrection

August 06, 2007

“Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came early to the tomb, and saw the stone already taken away.” – John 20:1

What evidence is there for the resurrection of Jesus Christ? First of all, the church still exists to this day. Do you realize that only one fact–the resurrection of Jesus–gave the early church its power? But when Jesus died on the cross, His followers left Him and fled for their lives. Yet something occurred to empower them with great faith.

People continue to experience the risen Christ living in them. And Sunday is the day of worship. How can you explain a group of Jewish people, who revered the Sabbath, changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday? Sunday became known as “the Lord’s Day,” for Jesus rose from the dead that day.

If the resurrection doesn’t account for this, what does? I realize none of this proves the resurrection, but it’s evidence for believing the resurrection.