Don’t Be a Disillusionment to Others

March 01, 2010

“However, because by this deed you have given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme.” – 2 Samuel 12:14

David had committed a horrible succession of sins. When Nathan confronted David with his sins, David – and give him credit for this – finally confessed and sought the Lord’s forgiveness. God did forgive him, but serious consequences remained. The enemies of Israel would now be making fun of God. David’s actions had been so alien to the Lord’s teachings that he was causing God to be ridiculed. “After all,” they would say, “if this man of God who is supposed to be a good man that is your king, if he acts like this…guilty of adultery, murdering the woman’s husband and then marrying the woman…hey – you are no different from us!”

All of us have been around ministries when a spiritual leader falls into sin, and we know the disillusionment within the church. But we also know the mocking outside the body of Christ. “He’s supposed to be a man of God! He’s no different from me or anybody else!” And that is yet another negative consequence for sin in our lives. Pray for your spiritual leaders. Pray for your government leaders. Pray for those in authority over you, because their sins have terrible repercussions for the lives of many. Pray that they will do right and spare us all the disillusionment.