Dad’s POWER PACKED Phrase #9

June 07, 2020

“The extraordinary person is the ordinary person intensified.” – George B. Wright, Sr.

I love the stories of accomplished athletes whose well-known achievements were earned not through extraordinary ability, but through their extraordinary will, dedication, and perseverance. It’s part of why we are drawn to stories of underdogs who find success in the face of great odds.

In the same way, it is amazing how often we discover that the truly extraordinary person is the ordinary person intensified. Think about Michael Jordan. It was his dogged perseverance, in spite of so much adversity, that brought his extraordinary results as an athlete. Michael Jordan is truly an example of an ordinary person intensified, who became extraordinary.

I think the reason we consider Lincoln one of our greatest presidents is that he came from such an ordinary background and failed at politics over and over. But his perseverance led to his election as president, serving in the most stressful crisis the nation has ever known. What an extraordinary president he became from being the intensified leader who saved the union and freed the slaves.

All over the world, ordinary Christians with an intensified devotion to following Jesus are doing extraordinary things for the kingdom of God.  And that, my friend, can include you and me!