Dad’s POWER PACKED Phrase #8

June 06, 2020

“Things are being done every day that can’t be done.” – George B. Wright, Sr. 

“Things are being done every day that can’t be done.” This is one of my favorite sayings. At first it doesn’t make sense – almost like a Yogi-ism. But like a Yogi-ism, everyone knows what you mean. It is a perfect blend of a great American ideology that also describes being a devoted child of God.

Think about how many inventions and accomplishments have come about simply because someone saw possibilities where another saw hopelessness. What about all those times that someone never gave up pursuing a  great dream, versus the many others who believed it just couldn’t be done?

So many world-changers embraced the sentiment behind this power-packed phrase: innovative American business leaders, medical and scientific researchers, and social movers throughout history are littered with examples of making possible the seemingly impossible.

Nowhere is this exemplified greater than through the life of Jesus. The miracles Jesus performed were impossible – they just couldn’t be done, yet Jesus did them. And then when a person whose life is a mess, or who has faced incredible hardship, puts their trust in Jesus, He doesn’t help them become better or reform them. He transforms them into a new creation. That cannot be done without Jesus.

With Jesus,  things are being done every day that can’t be done. I hope through faith in Jesus, that you will experience this kind of life.