Crisis of Success

August 04, 2007

“For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance.” – Matthew 25:29

Stephen Berglas in The Success Syndrome – Hitting Bottom When You Reach The Top – writes about the crisis of success. He says one major cause is “encore anxiety” or fear that you won’t be able to repeat or sustain earlier achievements. So here are a few thoughts to consider as you pursue success:

* The price of success is not just hard work and sacrifice, but the crisis you face when success finally comes. Some are dumbfounded by the emptiness they feel when goals are achieved.

* With the privileges of success come a greater sense of responsibility.

* Surprisingly, the toughest challenge to a person’s character is not adversity, but how one deals with the privileges and pressures of success.

So, why seek it? God wants us to make the most of our talents for His glory. And that’s the key: His glory, not ours. When we earn it and make the most of it God’s way, we realize it’s the only way to truly enjoy success.