Aprils’ Fool

April 01, 2013

“The fool says in his heart,’There is no God.'” – Psalm 53:1a NIV

Today is a day known as April Fools’ Day, which got me thinking. Did you know that April Fools’ Day is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries? The custom of playing practical jokes on friends has been part of our traditional celebration dating as far back as ancient Rome. It is said to be related to the vernal equinox and the coming of spring – the time when nature fools us with the sudden changes between showers and sunshine.

So, it’s nothing new that people like to play tricks on each other. “Oh, look, you’ve got a bug in your coffee.” “Oh no, come and look – someone just ran into your car!” We all seem to love to “prank” each other. But, small prank, big prank, either way, when you fall for it, you hear the phrase “April Fool!” It can be anything from silly to just plain embarrassing!

But, by far the most foolish thing that one can do is to go through life without Jesus. We need Him as a friend and Savior. We need Him to be the center of our lives. Don’t be an April Fool or any other kind of fool! As the scripture says, “Fools die for lack of judgment.” Have good judgment and keep Jesus beside you each and every day!