Allow God to be God

August 30, 2011

“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” – 2 Chronicles 16:9

All of us enjoy applause. Whether it be on the athletic field, the stage, the classroom or in the more insignificant events of life, every one of us enjoys being praised. Our confidence is bolstered when a person of authority or that we respect supports us and is on our side. Getting that pat on the back or that word of encouragement makes us want to do even better. We work harder. We take on our problems with more determination and vigor. We are infused with “want to.”

Scripture reminds us that God wants to be our cheerleader. The Creator of this Universe desires to support us, and support us “strongly.” He is simply looking for that person that will allow Him to be God. He wants all of our hearts – all the time – not just when we think we need Him. And He is even looking for us. It is not a question of being found by God; He knows exactly where we are. It is a matter of completely giving our hearts to Him. With Jesus Christ on our side, we have it all.