A Lot of Joy

February 01, 2011

“But now I come to You (speaking to the Father); and these things I speak in the world, so that they may have My joy made full in themselves.” – John 15:11

Healthy families are families that have a lot of joy and a lot of laughter. I was so privileged to grow up in a healthy family, and so many times, because my dad is a great story teller, we’d be sitting around the dinner table and he would start to tell one of his stories that he’d told many times before, but he would always say, “Have I told you about…? Well, don’t interrupt me. I want to hear it again!” And in the process of telling it again, for umpteenth time, we’d be laughing just as hard as we did the first time. The fact is, in a healthy family, there’s going to be a lot of joy and a lot of laughter.

Here, Jesus is praying for His joy to be within all of us. I love that He talks about His joy, because, think about it – nobody had more of the burdens of this world upon His heart, upon His shoulders – the pain, the suffering, the sin, the death, the evil of this world – than Jesus. Yet, don’t you think He and His disciples spent those three years together walking along the Sea of Galilee and the dusty Judean roads sharing stories, ribbing each other? Having a good time? It doesn’t mean that Jesus was negligent or insensitive to pain. Nobody’s been more empathetic and compassionate then Jesus. Jesus wept when one of His good friends died. He understood all that. But there was still a lot of joy and a lot of laughter.

Jesus prayed for all His followers, “’May My joy be full in themselves.’” Never forget real joy comes in knowing Jesus. When we meet Him, we realize we are forgiven and saved from Hell and have eternal life. That brings a ton of joy. Yet, as we get to know Him by following His Word, prayer, worship, trust and obedience, that joy deepens, even in the time a pain, there’s a lot of joy in knowing Jesus!