Sermon Series Archive

The Invitation

Began: Jul 31, 2017

A Man to Model After...Mostly

Began: Jul 02, 2017

World's Greatest Dad

Began: Jun 18, 2017

Why Does Jesus Matter?

Began: May 28, 2017


Began: Apr 23, 2017

All Those Opposed

Began: Mar 12, 2017

Marks of a Great Commission People

Began: Mar 05, 2017

We Are

Began: Jan 08, 2017

Hearing God's Truth

Began: Jan 01, 2017

Unlikely Women in the Lineage of Jesus

Began: Nov 27, 2016

True Healing

Began: Nov 21, 2016

DNOW 2016 - Real Love

Began: Oct 30, 2016

I Was Blind and Now I See

Began: Oct 16, 2016

Hot Topics

Began: Sep 11, 2016

When you think of “Hot Topics,” you might initially think of movie star or a National Inquirer story. But, the reality is, we don’t have to look that far to find “Hot Topics” that affect us all. This 8-week sermon series addresses the major issues that not only are in the news, but those that affect each of our lives in a real and personal way.


Began: Aug 28, 2016

Afterlife: Two of the most talked about topics in the Bible are heaven and hell. In this short 2-week sermon series, Bryant gives insight into what Jesus had to say about both places.

When Things Don't Go as Planned

Began: Jul 03, 2016


Began: Apr 03, 2016

First Things First

Began: Aug 07, 2016

As we prioritize our lives, we always have a choice as to the order in which we place our “to-do’s.” In this 3-week series, Bryant discusses the importance on which things we place as “firsts.”

The Seed and the Soil

Began: Jun 05, 2016

The Future of Israel

Began: Apr 17, 2016

The history of Israel, both Biblically and historically, has been a topic of interest to the world for thousands of years. In this power-packed 10-week series, “The Future of Israel”, Bryant takes us back to the prophecies of the Old Testament and brings us forward to present day and even into the future of God’s chosen nation.