"You shall not murder." - Exodus 20:13


Even some dedicated pro-lifers discuss exceptions to their stand against abortion. For instance, what about an unwed teenager who is raped? Or a victim of incest? Surely abortion needs to be considered then, doesn’t it? While we certainly need to show great compassion and caring for anyone in that difficult dilemma, we also must recognize that we can never remedy one sin by committing another sin. Two wrongs never make a right.

For one thing, abortion is just not a solution to the problem; it only compounds the horror. Even if the child is aborted, the horrible psychological consequences remain. As Christians, we must go beyond stopping the abortion, we must also focus on the victims’ other needs. Adoption is certainly important, but so is providing the mother with financial assistance, child-care options, health care, job training, and most of all – ongoing Christian counseling to help her deal with this horrible sin committed against her.

Even these services will not completely remove the devastation caused by rape. But abortion solves nothing; in fact it only adds to the victim’s inner turmoil. No matter how horrific is an evil against man, God can always bring good out of that life situation when we seek to do things His way. Christianity is for life and victory over death.