"Pray, then, in this way..." - Matthew 6:9a NAS

This Is How Jesus Prayed

Jesus’ disciples asked Him how to pray, because they saw that He often got away to pray. There’s no real mystery to praying; after all, you’re just talking to your Heavenly Father – your best Friend. But Jesus knew His disciples needed help, as we often do, so here is a summary of what Jesus said to do:

  • Address God as Father. Through Jesus, we can know God personally as our Father – the embodiment of the ideal dad.
  • Praise. Praise His name and character traits. It makes our problems seem small when we remember how great God is.
  • Pray for His will to be done. This begins with us, but carries over to praying for others.
  • Pray for daily needs. God wants to meet our needs, but don’t confuse needs and wants.
  • Confess your sins. Ask God’s forgiveness and ask God’s help in forgiving others who have wronged you.
  • Ask for protection and strength in the face of temptation and evil.

Jesus taught the basics on prayer. Whatever else you need to talk with Him about, go ahead and tell Him. Find a quiet spot and give it a try. And, remember, your prayer life gets better with practice.