“…the angel of the Lord said to him, ‘Joseph, son of David do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife; because what has been conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.’” - Matthew 1:20


Imagine your high school honey, the girl you love and believe is a good person because she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, says, “I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant, but please don’t be mad ‘cause I’m still a virgin.” Now, how would you respond? I imagine most of us guys would respond with something like, “Yeah, right! You expect me to believe that story?”

Well, this scenario really happened over 2000 years ago. In fact, the guy was named Joseph and his pregnant girlfriend was named Mary. She went on to tell him that God had caused her to become pregnant. At first, Joseph didn’t believe Mary and he decided to drop her. Then an angel appeared to him in a dream and let him know that Mary was telling the truth. So, being the good man he was, he stayed with her, believing the Lord in faith.

For the rational, secular, scientific mind of the 21st century, this story is incredible. Inexplicable. Unbelievable. But, it truly is the story of Christmas—the story of Jesus’ birth.

The question is – do you believe? Be it Jesus’ birth or His resurrection, I want you to know you’ve got to believe it fully to experience the wonder of Christmas.