"Seek from the book of the Lord and read..." - Isaiah 34:16

The Real Expert

There are so many self help books out there! Books to help you with being single, books to fall in love, books to work on your marriage and books to help when you get divorced. There are books about your wardrobe, books telling you how to be a lady and how to be a gentleman. Books on how to be a better friend, how to be a better wife, mother or father, how to be a better cook, get more organized, how to lose weight, and on and on. All of these books come from people who feel they are experts in their area.

Have you tried all those methods and yet you’re still discouraged by repeating the same old habits? Well, here’s some news for you: there are some things that self-help cannot fix; things like disease, overcoming certain sins, and most of all, death. But I have good news: God has a plan for us that goes beyond our abilities. It comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who supernaturally changes us when we can’t change ourselves. As a bonus to that faith, He promises us victory over death, and eternal life. If you really want to help yourself, look beyond yourself to the only One who can save you and give you the ultimate victory. His name is Jesus Christ, and He’s the only real expert.