"...every man did what was right in his own eyes." - Judges 17:6

The Day America Told The Truth

In the book, The Day America Told The Truth, Patterson and Kim found that in every region of the country, 90% of the people believe in God. But when they asked how they made up their mind on issues of right and wrong, they found people do not turn to God or religion to help them decide moral issues. They concluded, “There is absolutely no moral consensus at all.”

In other words, people believe there is a God but He has no relevance to their everyday lives. True belief in God is about trust and obedience. We trust Him to know and want the best for us, so we obey His commands and His word. It’s radically counter-cultural, but it’s the best way to live.

Having Jesus as Lord means loving God enough to trust and obey Him, and loving your neighbor as yourself. It connects God with morality in a way that is good for all.