Setback Into Comeback

If ever there is a modern day hero, it’s Lance Armstrong, who won his seventh straight Tour de France in July 2005. Can you imagine biking over 2,000 miles on some of the steepest roads in the world–the Alps? Those cyclists are tough!nnWhat makes Armstrong such a hero is that, in 1996, he learned he had cancer, with not much of a chance to survive. But he battled and overcame it so dramatically that he won perhaps the most grueling physical challenge in sports. He turned a setback into a comeback. What a hero! nnHow about you? What setbacks are you facing in your life? A key to victorious living is learning how to turn a setback into a comeback. I believe faith in God is a tremendous help in doing so. Ask God to help you transform your setback into a comeback. And when you do, you’ll become a hero and inspiration to many around you.