"Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord your God;" - Exodus 20:9,10

Laziness Vs. Workaholism–Finding The Right Balance

All of us want to be successful when it comes to our work, but let’s think about the two most common problems when it comes to work.

One is laziness. We live in a society that so often glorifies the irresponsible–those who won’t work–as victims. This is insulting to those who are truly unable to work. God’s Word is clear; laziness is not good. God wants us to work hard.

At the other extreme is workaholism, and there are four common traits of the workaholic:

1. Tends to be the first person at the office and the last to leave.
2. Tries to please others, and has a tough time saying no.
3. Tends to only talk about work.
4. Feels guilty taking a day off.

Neither workaholism or laziness is God’s intention. The right balance is working hard to please God yet taking time to back away and rest. Take a weekly Sabbath. It is one of God’s great ideas for successful living. When we do, we find ourselves refreshed and ready to give our best to our work.