"For You have been a defense for the helpless...a refuge from the storm..." - Isaiah 25:4

Inner Peace

A contest offered a valuable prize for the best illustration of the concept of peace. Many artists entered. There were renderings of beautiful sunsets over calm seas and hazy scenes of tranquil rivers in lush valleys. The prize winner’s depiction was very different from these tranquil scenes. Painted in black and gray, it depicted the terror of a violent storm. Lightning split the clouds; rain and hail pounded the ground. In the center of the painting was a storm-tossed oak tree. Holding on with all its might to one of the limbs of the tree was a little bird, singing at the top of its lungs. That’s true peace.

Ultimate peace is not the absence of storms but inner peace amidst storms. And man never finds lasting inner peace until he finds peace with God. For when you find peace with God, you begin to experience peace within.

Have you found that peace? I hope you will. It begins with knowing Christ as Lord.