"Come, let us worship and bow down;" - Psalm 95:6


Worship is the number one ministry priority in our church. We hope and pray that during this special weekend of Easter, worship will be the most exciting and meaningful event of your week.

Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher in the 19th century, once clarified the most common misconception about worship using the analogy of a drama. “When we come to worship God, we generally feel as though the preacher and other ministers are the performers and God is the subject of the performance and we as the congregation are merely the audience…but this is a terrible misunderstanding of worship.”

Kierkegard is describing a consumer-oriented approach, focused more on what we receive than what we give. Kierkegard goes on to say, “Authentic Christian worship is just the opposite. We, the congregation, are the performers. The preachers and other ministers are the directors of the performance and God is the audience.”

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is a time when we celebrate our risen Lord. It is our prayer that you will attend a good, Bible-teaching church, as we ALL celebrate our risen Savior!