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Astrology: Yes or No? Mar 04 2012

"And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the LORD your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven." - Deuteronomy 4:19

I've often wondered this about astrology: How do they know? Let's assume, for the sake of discussion, that when the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then everyone born under the sign of Aquarius actually will lose their car keys. I mean, who figured this out? How did they figure it out? Did someone take a detailed survey for each astrological sign concerning exact events that occurred under every possible star alignment? Who conducted this incredible collection of empirical data? And how did this person get hold of a computer big enough to digest all this data...especially thousands of years ago when astrology was first practiced? And how does it work when twins, born the same day, have completely different personalities, interests and desires? I don't mean to mock (OK, maybe I do), but somebody please explain to me how these "facts" were discovered and compiled.

Of course, no one has an intelligent explanation. These mystic readings are just a futile attempt of desperate people searching for answers.

But, I have good news for these people. Look in the Bible, and you can find the answers to your life by having a personal, one-on-one direct relationship with the God that created all those stars you've been looking to for answers. Rather that listening to someone guess about what the stars are saying, you can hear directly from the One who actually created those stars. He is the only One who really knows the future. And His Word reveals quite a few insights about where the world is headed and how to be prepared.


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They 'know' the same way you do: through faith.
Ex: sometimes the stars say yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait. etc etc.

Actually, a lot of the Bible relies on astrology. The reason 7 is a special or 'holy' number is because of the 7 celestial bodies known to ancient people.

The 'wise men' who supposedly sought Jesus were in fact astrologers.

Much of the ancient theology- including the idea of Lucifer was based on astrology. Here's Bible scholar Robert M Price discussing one interesting passage.



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